Fence Design Considerations

  • Make sure you tell us your objectives for the fence. Are you trying to keep something in or keep something out? Is this for aesthetics only?
  • Gates: What will you bring into the fenced area that will need to come through a gate? Please let us know if you have a specialty lawnmower or other equipment or toys that need to be brought through the gates.
  • Materials: Does your Homeowners Association have specifications on the types of fencing materials that are allowable in your subdivision?  The selection of fence materials often varies based on the purpose of your fence.

Installation Considerations

  • Do you have private, underground cabling or pipes? Always let us know if you have private cabling or piping systems, such as an irrigation system. While we will verify public utilities prior to digging, we are unable to identify private networks.
  • Property lines need to be properly identified by a surveyor. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to identify property lines. If, after installation, it is discovered that your fence was installed outside of your property lines, moving the fence will be at the homeowner’s expense.

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