Growing vines on a fence can help make your garden beautiful.

There are dozens of vines that can perfectly adorn the sides of buildings and fences.

Depending where you plant your vines, they will grow through your shrubs and trees, enhancing them as well. Look for vine varieties that offer something interesting during more than one season. For example: beautiful flowers in spring, full foliage in summer, vibrant color in the fall, and attractive bark or twisting branches in winter.

When it comes time to choose your plants, you will want to consider the different types of vines available. There are 4 main types of vines that grow and secure themselves to fences in various ways. You will want to think about the materials they will attach to (chain link fence, vinyl fencing, a split rail fence, a traditional wood fence, etc.) and choose your plants accordingly.

The 4 types of vine are:

  1. Clinging vines. These vines have specialized growths, like little suction cups. These grow along the stems and will hook onto any surface they touch. That is why clinging vines like ivy will attach to brick walls. These will hold to most surfaces, but be careful, they can sometimes damage the material beneath the vine.
  2. Sprawling vines. These vines are often vigorous, spreading plants. In order for them to climb, they need to be tied to a trellis or support built onto the fence. A climbing rose is a good example of a sprawling vine that can be beautiful with some upkeep.
  3. Twining vines (wrapping). Some, like star jasmine, wrap around anything that falls in their way. The plant will send out branches that twine or wrap completely around a chainlink fence or trellis. These have a sturdy hold and can be harder to remove intact
  4. Twining vines (tendril). Grapes vines are a good example of twining vines with tendrils. They have small, twining tendrils at the base of their leaves. The tendrils grow and stretch until they find something solid within their reach to grab and wrap around.


Once you have decided on the perfect type of vine for your fence, the sky’s the limit. Think about what will make your fence the most beautiful. Is it a combination of colors, or a vine that will transform your fence into a beautiful monochromatic statement? At Clarksville Fencing, we love all types of fences and know that each can be beautiful in their own way. For more information and to get a quote on a new fence for your home, garden, or yard: contact us at Clarksville Fencing today!