How to Create a Compost Fence

Fall weather is finally here in Tennessee! Does your yard or garden need a “leaf” fence?

Crisp, cool, fall weather is slowly but surely making its way to Tennessee. Is your yard ready? Leaves are beautiful as they change colors, but they can often be a nuisance when they pile up in your outdoor spaces. But don’t let them go to waste, fallen leaves can be used as a valuable resource for mulch, compost, and more. The creation of a leaf fence may help you make the most of your yard and garden this season!

Check out these tips for building your own compost or “leaf” fence!

1) Gather the right materials.

For this project, you will need to make a trip to your local hardware store for items like:

  • Wire fencing – The flexible mesh kind with larger, rectangular openings works best. Check out this video for a great visual!
  • Wire cutters – You will need some sturdy wire cutters for this project!
  • Outdoor Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • Pliers
  • Posts to add stability are optional.

2) Cut and shape.

Once you have cut the proper length of wire fencing (about 10 feet), you are ready to bend and form the material into a tall tube like shape. From here, use pliers to attach the tips of the wire fencing to itself. Once this is complete, sit the tube upright and you are ready to go! If you decide to use posts to stabilize, this is when you would pound these posts (about 3) into the ground around the interior circumference of your compost fence.

Tip: Many hardware stores will cut you the exact length of material you need, even if you are building multiple compost structures. It never hurts to ask!

3) Enjoy your hard work!

Now that your compost fence is in place, it is time to fill it up with leaves and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Simply rake leaves and other small yard debris into a pile and transfer this pile into your leaf fence. Leaves and other organic material should take about a full season (complete spring, complete fall, etc.) to completely decompose. Feel free to keep adding to and taking from your compost stash all season long. As the material decomposes, you will be left with mulch and/or compost full of nutrients for the rest of your yard’s plant life to enjoy!

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