How to Reduce Outdoor Noises

You know how the old saying goes: good fences make good neighbors. Here at Clarksville Fencing, we couldn’t agree more!

However, if you do happen to have noisy neighbors, check out these tips for noise reduction in your yard!


1) Install a fountain or an outdoor water feature.

Are you dealing with noise outside that you simply can’t silence? Trying drowning it out – almost literally. A fountain or other water feature can be a beautiful addition to any yard or deck. The soothing sounds of running water can help cancel out other outdoor noise in the most relaxing of ways!


2) Grow a living barrier.

Noise barriers made from vegetation can help soften the sounds in your outdoor space as well as provide visual interest. If you are trying to block out road noise, remember that trees or shrubs will have to be planted densely enough that you cannot see between them. (It is ever better if you are also unable to see over them.) The denser you plant your vegetation, the more effective their noise blocking properties will become.


3) Install the proper fence.

Of course, our favorite way to address the issue of noise reduction is the installation of a proper fence. Keep in mind that when considering a barrier fence, the material you select will have a lot to do with how well noise in your space is covered up. Even more vital to the success of using a fence for noise reduction is its construction. Your fence must have no gaps through which noise can easily penetrate. A good tip from This Old House is that if you are able to see the source of the noise, you will also likely be able to hear it.


Interested in learning more about installing the correct fence to take care of the issues in your outdoor space? Give us a call at Clarksville Fencing! Our experts would love to help you determine and install the perfect fence for you. Whether you need a decorative fence, sports fencing, or even a flagpole, we are here to help you with our knowledge and the experience to do the job right!


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