Constructed mostly out of aluminum, which has a low density so it is able to resist corrosion. It is a popular choice because it is a lightweight and durable.

We use aluminum fencing for residential and commercial jobs. Aluminum fence is relatively easy to clean, is great at resisting weathering, and is generally low maintenance. It tends to be a very cost-efficient choice compared to other materials.


A type of temporary, free standing fencing with panels held together by interlocking couplers. This makes it very portable and flexible to use. These fencing panels are often made of chain link or mesh.

Construction fencing is a good alternative to a more permanent fence solution when needed temporary purposes like: construction sites, storage, security, public safety, crowd control, and to help deter theft.

Chain Link

A type of fencing usually made from galvanized or coated metal wire. These wires run vertically in a bent fashion, which creates a zig-zag pattern. Each “zig” hooks into the wire right on one side of it, and each “zag” hooks in with the wire on the other side.

This pattern forms the chain link fencing and has the characteristics of a diamond shape.


Our customers choose ornamental fencing to show off landscaping, homes, and so forth all while maintaining security. Ornamental fencing offers a prestige appearance, and we have many decorative metals to choose from—all of which are durable and maintenance free.

Swimming Pool

Fencing placed around swimming pools, to create secure barriers to help restrict access for small children, ages 0–5 years. Swimming pool fencing has self-closing & self-latching gate(s) to be compliant to code and are designed so that young children can’t climb over or go through them. This type of fencing is manufactured to strict standards for sturdiness, durability, and security.

PVC, Vinyl & Composite

Fencing options made of two or more plastic materials which increase strength and stability of the fencing. PVC fencing, vinyl fencing, and composite fencing are often used for agricultural, commercial, and residential use. These types of fencing options are available preformed, and in a great variety of styles. These options are usually easy to clean, resist weathering, and have low maintenance needs. Sometimes though, these options are more expensive while cheaper products often are less sturdy compared to traditional fencing materials.